Corner of Wallarano Road and Arena Square, Noble Park, Victoria 3174, Australia

Postal Address

2/8 Montana Ave, Mulgrave Victoria 3170, Australia

Office Bearers

• Minister: Rev. Pumati Pumati
• Assistant Minister: Vainetutai Taae
• Secretary: Ngamata Tua
• Assistant Secretary: Tiro Rio
• Secretary to Deacons: Mr Okirua Jubilee
• Treasurer: Ngaire Lynda Tua 
• Assistant Treasurer: Mrs Matangaro Rio
• Youth President: Mr Tuku Tereva
• General Assembly Rep: 


• 2 Elders
• 9 Deacons
• 30 regular adult members
• 25 regular Christian Youth members
• An estimated 20 others


From its humble beginnings, Noble Park CICC flourished and was established on the 7th of September 2008. Noble Park CICC quickly developed into one of the CICC’s mainstream church’s here in Victoria. We thank the St. Andrew Anglican Church for its continued support as we have been in partnership since 2008 and the church has continued to grow in stature and faith. Noble Park CICC has had its fair share of failures but more so successes. The church was ordained as a full member of the CICC on the 4th March 2012


The Minister is the chairperson for all meetings except departmental ones. The overall administrator is the Secretary, assisted by the Assistant Secretary. The Treasurer looks after the church’s finances and reports regularly to church meetings.


There are 3 departments; Deacons, Women’s Fellowship and Christian Youth. Each department has its own regular programs and activities.


All departments hold regular individual meetings to monitor the progress of their own programs. The Church as a whole has a combined meeting at the end of every 3 months. In these quarterly meetings, reports are given from the Minister, Secretary, Treasurer and department leaders. Irregular meetings are also convened as and when the need arises


Our Cook Islands culture and tradition, especially in the essence of our Cook Islands Christian Church (Religion), is so well depicted in its Sunday service. On communion Sunday, men wear white suits and women wear white dresses. During the actual services, the following are observed:

• Quietness at all times unless part-taking in the hymns
• Mobile phones are to be turned off
• Casual wear (singlets, shorts, etc.) is not preferred


Noble Park CICC follows the Scripture Union Bible Reading Plan which sets out daily scripture readings. Sermons are conducted mainly in Cook Islands Maori. Sermons are prepared and presented by the Minister and any visiting Minister from outside the Church.

Regular Church Service

Normal church service:
• Sunday main service: 11:30 am

Other/special services include the following:

• Pre-Easter (Holy communion for the entire church members) Thursday evening 7:00pm before Good Friday
• Good Friday: 11:00am
• Easter Sunday: Combined CICC Victoria Service
• Christmas Eve: Combined CICC Victoria Service
• New Year’s Eve: Combined CICC Victoria Service
• Prayer Week - 1st Week of the New Year (Pure Ebedoma): 7:00pm (Mon - Fri)
• Weddings: (as required)
• Funeral Service: (as required)

Order of Sunday Main Service

The order of the main service (11:30am Sundays) is as follows:

- Invocation - Pure
- Sunday School hymn (imene Apii Sabati)
- Prayer of confession/Lord’s prayer - Pure Tataraara/Pure a te atu
- Bible reading in Cook Islands Language - Tatau Tuatua, reo Maori
- Traditional hymn (imene tuki - Reo Metua)
- Bible reading in English - Tatau Tuatua, reo Papaa
- Prayer of thanksgiving/intercession - Pure Akameitakianga
- Traditional hymn - Imene tumu, Reo Metua
- Sermon - Akoanga
- Sunday School hymn - Imene Apii Sabati
- Vesper

A normal service of the above order runs for about an hour, with the actual sermon taking from 10-15 minutes. Functions and ceremonies are also held in the church which may vary the order of service, for example; baptism, marriage, bereavement service and Youth and Sunday School Service (Teretere Mapu e te Apii Sabati)

Other Information

Noble Park Church is a member of the CICC of Australia Church Council, and is also a member of the Victoria Church Council. The Church participates in all programs and activities organized by these two council’s. Noble Park Cook Island’s Christian Church is a branch of the CICC that complies with the rules, regulations of the resolutions passed by the CICC General Assembly.

Contact for more Information

Minister: Rev. Pumati Pumati

Mob: 042 207 1598 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Assistant Minister: Vainetutai Vaae 

Mob: 041 306 1280