Tetautua Village, Penrhyn, Cook Islands

Office Bearers

Office Bearers
  • Minister: Rev. Sina Loa Teaurere
  • Assistant Minister: 
  • Secretary: 
  • Secretary, Deacons’ meeting: 
  • Treasurer: Turoa Taia
  • Assistant Treasurer: Tamu Tapaitau
  • Representative to CICC General Assembly: 


  • 12 Deacons
  • 6 Sunday School Teachers
  • 25 regular Sunday school students
  • 54 Regular Church members


The Ekalesia was established in the early 19th century, one of the 2 on the island. Due to migration, the number of people on the island of Penrhyn and in the village of Tetautua has fallen dramatically over the years. Many members are now settled in New Zealand and Australia, and are regular members of the CICC branches in those countries.


Management in the church comprises of the Minister as chairperson for all meetings except departmental ones. The overall administrator is the Secretary, assisted by the Secretary of the Deacons’ meeting. The Treasurer looks after the church’s finances and reports regularly to church meetings. The church closely follows the CICC Manual guidelines and procedures for its efficient functioning and administration.


There are 6 departments in the Tetautua Church; Deacons Meeting, Sunday school, Women’s Fellowship, Boys Brigade, Girl Guide, and Christian Youth. Each organization has its own regular programmes and activities which, except for the first, are associated with those at the national level.


All departments hold regular meetings to monitor the progress of their own programmes. The parish as a whole has a combined meeting at the end of every 3 months. In these quarterly meetings, developments in each of the departments are reported, as well as reports from the Minister, Secretary, Treasurer, and Deacons group. Irregular meetings are also convened as and when needed.


Religion is very much a way of life for most Cook Islanders irrespective of their denomination. Church-goers cherish this a lot and portray it in the way they dress and attend services. On communion Sunday, men wear white suits and women wear white dresses. During the actual services, the following are observed:
  • Quetness at all times unless part-taking in the hymns
  • No cameras & videos are to beused inside the church at all times
  • Casual wear (singlets, shorts, etc.) is not preferred
  • After the Services, feel free to chat with the Minister and members


The CICC follows the Scripture Union Bible Reading Plan which sets out daily Scripture Readings. It is quite common for all services to be based on the day’s reading. Sermons are conducted in the local language (Cook Islands Maori), unless visitors are present in which case the Minister makes a brief translation of his message in English. No other foreign language is used. Sermons are prepared and presented by the Minister, Deacons and fully ordained members of the church who are talented, through practice and training, to undertake such task.
Whilst in the past only men are allowed to conduct services, women after attaining set standards, criteria and ranks, have recently been allowed to make presentations. Certain types of services and sermons are earmarked for Ministers, Deacons and ordinary members only.

Regular Church Services

Regular church services are as follows:

  • Sunday early morning service: 6.30am
  • Main service: 10.00am
  • Evening service: 3.00pm
  • Wednesday &Friday
  • morning service: 6.30am
Other/special services include the following:
  • Rekapi (pre-communion): Wednesday before Oroa
  • Friday before Oroa (pure Ekalesia)
  • Oroa (communion): 1st Sunday of each month
  • Etene (post-communion): Wednesday after Oroa
  • Pentecost: As per canlendar
  • Church parade: 2nd Sunday Feb. to Nov.
  • National Gospel Day: October 26
  • Tongareva Gospel Day March 13 Easter: As per calendar
  • Christmas/New Year: As per calendar
  • Mothers/Father’s Day: As per calendar


Seating is arranged in 3 rows; Sunday school and Christian Youth together in the middle, and the senior members and elders on one side. Some of the members and visitors sit on the other side.

Other Information

Tetautua Church is a member of the Penrhyn CICC Council and participates in all programmes and activities organized by this council. Furthermore, it complies with the resolutions passed by the CICC General Assembly.

It has 3 properties:
  • church building,
  • Sunday School Hall,
  • and the minister’s residence.

Contact for more Information

Minister: Rev. Temere Poaru Phone: 42330  

Secretary: Saitu Joe Marsters Phone: 42303